Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture.
You thought you were alone,
But the moon
Is mine.
And wherever you went,
I was there
All the time.
(Gerry Aldridge 2017)

Push And Pull.

Push And Pull.
The push and the pull
In-between what you are
And what you want to do.
Part of you is climbing,
The other half is diving
Unsure of where to go.
On the one hand.
I see red balloons.
In the other.
The same, too.
But the ones in my head
Are filled with air.
And the rest
Are filled with lead.
(Gerry Aldridge 2017)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Dying Moth

Imagine living in the bottom of a hole for a thousand years. For some strange reason you grow wings- Start to fly but halfway up you shatter yourself on the rocky walls. You crumble and fall, scrabble for the dream of a thing you saw...Light at the end of the tunnel they said! And I all I get is a crumpled moth stuck to a sodden floor. And for everything that was never said, I have never been so sure. Have you watched a wet moth climb ungracefully up a wall? You want to help, but with every touch, you damage its wings, and are not really help as such. So, you tried and failed and now you watch because you want the poor guy to make it..but the wings are just too damaged, wet, sodden, mushy and even if he makes it, the sun will come up and cook him- inevitable death!
(Gerry Aldridge 2017)

Encerrando Ciclos

Encerrando Ciclos
Sempre é preciso saber quando uma etapa chega ao final. Se insistirmos em permanecer nela mais do que o tempo necessário, perdemos a alegria e o sentido das outras etapas que precisamos viver. Encerrando ciclos, fechando portas, terminando capítulos - não importa o nome que damos, o que importa é deixar no passado os momentos da vida que já se acabaram.
Fernando Pessoa and me
. Do not endings mean new beginnings?

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Joy Of Writing

The joy of writing is when you find a word you thought you had used, but realise you hadn't- so you can use it X

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Thimble Full

I filled a thimble
To the brim
And thought
That it would do.
But everywhere
I dare not look
Is full
Of me and you..
(Gerry Aldridge 2017)

I will live forever.

I have one meal a day, I do not drive, so walk everywhere. I have such funny friends I am always laughing, and I have known true love  I will live forever x