Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Never Be Careful What You Wish For

Never Be Careful What You Wish For

A human being was walking along the usual stony path, when he came upon a man who had tripped and fallen. He was soothing his grazes and for some strange reason trying to scoop up all the blood as if he wanted to hide it somewhere. But his pockets were full of rocks
Human- What happened? Are you alright my friend?
The man did not look up. Instead he hid under a bloody jacket and pretended he wasn’t there.
Let me help you. I clearly see you are in distress.
The man shrugged and nonchalantly flung his head back to look at the stranger in the sky.
Man- My cuts and bruises are not my fear, they are my punishment.
Human- For what?
Man- I made a wish and it came true.
Human- Well then, surely you should be happy.
Man- Except, I wished for something I could not have. 
Human- So what does that teach you?
Man- Keep wishing. Yes, keep wishing!
Human pondered the man’s strange defiance for a moment.
Human- So your wish came at a price and you are full of regret, but...
Man- Yes. I feel I have lost something irretrievable? Why is it that contentment is the only thing in the world that once gone is lost forever and yet, it is the last thing we look for? Contentment is something we expect to happen, if all our wishes come true. Wishes are bad and dreams must be good. How can they be both?
Human- Well, there are the right ones and the wrong ones, of course.
Man- How do I know the difference?
Human- There is no difference.
(Gerry Aldridge ©2017)

Sunday, February 19, 2017



When I look in a mirror
I accept what I see.
But beyond the reflection
Begins another journey.

The wolf
And the bear-
Two creatures
With life I share

The wolf is pragmatic
But can be flawed.
The bear however,
Will always stand tall.

Wolf is a mother-
The best protector,
But if needs be
You had best flee.

Bear will come,
Rip the sky from the sun.
And turn raindrops into flames
While dancing as you run.

I was born a lone wolf,
But life beat me down.
So then I found Bear
And felt invincible again.

For Wolf the objective
Is not to find home.
But to prepare herself
For being alone.

And if things get too much,
Feelings, emotions and the such.
Bear will be there,
And you had better beware.

Wolf is not always happy
With the prey killed by Bear.
But she instinctively knows
Nothing in life is ever fair.

Bear killed a friend
Wolf should by nature not have had.
It brought chaos to the jungle
And was less happy than sad.

A thing so dear
It would only cause fear
In the kingdom it thrived,
So Bear decided it had to die.

Everything is relative-

Look at this cute, little wolf
And the big, bad bear.
Wolf could not make you listen,
But Bear made you stare.

(Gerry Aldridge ©2017) 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Everything is relative-

Everything is relative-
Look at this cute, little wolf
And the big, bad bear.
I couldn't make you listen,
But I did make you stare.
(Gerry Aldridge 2017)

" Sombras da Alma"

Thank you Beatriz for yet another heartfelt poem- I am looking forward to poetry day 2017 when we both read our poems in public xx

" Sombras da Alma"

Fica tanto por contar...
Segredos que se aconchegam
Sonhos perdidos
Na penumbra do silêncio de nossas almas

Esboços de uma vida
Não vivida
Memórias trocistas
Desejos ardentes
Eternos na sua sina

Mas as almas também sabem guardar
O rosto ténue dos amantes
Linhas serenas

Mãos que se tocaram
Corpos suados 
Em carícias quentes

Lábios em chama
Doces contornos
Aromas de beijos
Ainda tantos por dar...

Ó contradição!!
De ser feliz na ilusão
Na saudade que persiste
E não desiste

Nos encontros
Como folhas de outono
Sem norte
Que desafiam a própria morte

Ana Beatriz Carvalho 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The World Is Dead

The World Is Dead
I awoke to an eerie silence-
The sun had not come up,
No birds littered my trees.
Nothing new was born this day.
Unsettled, I opened my door
Too afraid to look at anything-
I blanked all of it out,
Except the floor.
Weeds furled tightly
Around my already sinking ankles.
Ironically, giving me the strength to stand
And face the pain I chose to bear.
There was no point
In taking a single step,
If the world had halted
Where could I possibly go?
Instead, I retreat
But am forced to stand tall.
Reconcile my differences
With God I am at war.
I am not safe,
But I can hide.
Nothing ever happened at all.
Perhaps even survive
In a world
That has no meaning
Or take a walk,
And admire the death
Of a thousand wilting trees
All the time smiling contentedly.
It was me that destroyed the world.
I just let go
Followed my storms
Letting the hurricane ensue.
I shall not blame him, or you.
Just pretend I am happy-
Do something different
Make everything new
Forget the past
Deny the future
Hope and pray
There will be another day.
All I ask
Is that I am not obliged to stay.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

" Amor "

We are so lucky to have another poem contribution from a wonderful poet based here in Portugal- Enjoy :) :) :) 
" Amor "
Eu queria pintá-lo numa tela
Ficar a olhar

Senti-lo em cada pequeno gesto
Ouvi-lo em cada onda do mar
E depois,
Deixar-me levar...

E assim ficar
Mulher menina
Que sonha e acredita...

Na paixão do querer estar
Na inocência do sorriso
Fogo ardente do teu beijo
Meu desejo...

Conjugar o teu verbo
Sem saber que o digo

Ser o próprio verbo
Todo ele infinito
Por castigo

Lembrar-me de te esquecer
E depois,
Na vontade de não te perder

E no fim acreditar
Sentir com emoção
Que este sentimento que eu cuido
E embalo
Eterno seja enquanto bater um coração.

Ana Beatriz Carvalho 

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Last Wisp

The Last Wisp
Something has left me.
I know exactly what it is
And why it left.

Such a clean cut:
Expected, frontal, yet,
Has taken me aback.

I am lighter:
Logically if a piece of me were missing,
I would feel less weight.

I think you could run a train
Right through me
And it would not reach the end.

As the space inside me grows,
Less of me  exists
And I am slowly vaporising.

Emptiness swelling,
The last of me melting
Into a wisp of the never was.

The universe became us
Dissapating the lies
Until the day we are clear, blue sky.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)