Friday, June 6, 2014

Do not be ashamed of learning x

My first book was done with the best possible intentions..telling a story that I believed interesting and worthy..but it was a learning curve. I am absolutely proud of my first book, and the rawness in the first, will only highlight the beauty of the whole learning process, when you read the sleekness of the second. I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible, my second book has found the right editor, I have had my first editorial experience. I can see just how much this is going to make a difference. I also realize, it can't happen without finding the right person, who identifies with your work. My advice to newbies like me is take your time to find the right person, or u will lose your voice. And do not let people tell you that your first book should have been perfect, it is a process. Thank you to this group and all the bloggers and readers who have helped me find my way. I am going to give you what you deserve in my next book!!