Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Don't Believe God Wrote The Bible- Coming out winter 2014

Coming out at the end of this year.
Margaret Thatcher expected all the lazy bastards to fall in line and play a part in her idea of life. Quite honestly, most of the people I hung around with were only on the dole because there was nothing else on offer, there were no alternatives. I hated the educational conveyor belt we were all supposed to climb eagerly onto.
If you think on a global concept about how the system is taking our children and placing them in an educational system at three years old, keeping them there under pressure to do academically well and not even allowing them to come up for air after years of being fed doctored information when they finally finish twelfth grade. From there they are shunted into different universities without having the chance to go out in the world and see what else is there.
 These people become trapped in lives they don’t dare to question for fear of having to face the truth. They eventually end up relying on yearly holidays in which they can enviously peek at the rest of the world, wondering what could have been. We all lose out. This is causing world depression and stunting our growth as a species. Society is restricting our potential and making this journey painful, whereas it should be joyful. 

I didn't go to university because I hadn't discovered anything I wanted to learn, therefore I was a loser and my life would go nowhere. I clenched my fists at the sky as if to say, I've beaten you. I’d tasted anonymity and freedom and there was no going back for me.