Friday, October 3, 2014

Teaching Writing Skills To Teenagers.

Teaching Writing Skills To Teenagers.
You absolutely have to go into the classroom hyped up and ready to make a dry situation delectable and inspiring. How is learning to write an essay going to contribute in any way to your life?
For loads of reasons!
Firstly, point out that if they are ever going to have a blog, or write letters of complaint, proposals, articles, pieces for other blogs or Ezines, send letters to Oprah, knowing basic formatting rules will earn them respect, and give them a foot in the door.
Learning to put your ideas down on paper is a passport through life, because it doesn’t matter how much you have to say, if nobody wants to listen.
Teach the art of writing, not the words. Let the students see the strength of prose, teach them style and show them the power they can wield with a pen. It is not what you say, it’s the way you say it, and the same goes for writing.
But, is the deftness of language judged by the overall interpretation of the readers? If they all agree on what you have written, does that mean you have got your message across? Or would having all your readers speculating about different possibilities be confirmation of your writing achievement?
It all comes down to having a plan. Ideas may rain down on you, but you have to collect and organize them into a message, or a train of thought that others can contribute to, if you want them to listen.
If you want to be heard in any walk of life, LEARN TO WRITE.

Gerald Freeman