Friday, November 28, 2014

My life is great apart from the worries x

Just got home 1.30am and a little worse, no better ;)  for wear. I live in such an amazing little village in the mountains above the sea. It has one mount full of interesting, wealthy heirs, entrepreneurs, new money, old money, who only ever mix with the natives on occasions. The rest of the population are wonderful Portuguese people, who have an intricate connection with Malveira after generations of living together.

Imagine, the pharmacists brother, is my neighbours sister and he is special police GNR, the most feared. My wife invites him and his American girlfriend for a meal. How many days did I have to spend cleaning up my house? I think we all became great friends and had a fantastic evening, this village is just full of amazing lovely people.

Eva and I had our fourth argument in 15 years. I kicked the dog bowl full of water and she told me that I was wasting our money on stupid things. It was horrible, we both cried. But, then it got better and months of silent frustration were vented-Portugal under TROIKA is killing normal families, I give 50% of my salary to the state. I earn 1200 euros a month. The Portuguese government is destroying people like me.

If I do not pay a 25 euro fine in time for not paying another bill on time, it goes up to 176 euros and then 227 euros, and then a person cannot pay the bills, and then it just ...

Back to my story about how wonderful Malveira Da Serra is. After making up with Eva, I went out to see the new small bar that has just opened in the village. I really needed to see a friend, I was depressed for the first time in 20 years and needed a man chat, but I didn't really think any of my real bros would be out tonight in that bar.

GUESS WHAT? I love coincidence, because I ended up meeting one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. We went back to his house and talked and chatted and joked around like we had been mates forever. He went back to the bar, I danced in the mountains looking down on the sea and then skipped home high as a kite and fell on this keyboard-is this the writing version of reality TV?

This book is all about hitching around Europe meeting beautiful people like this X