Friday, March 27, 2015

Profound thoughts come at any given moment.

A good friend and I were partying last weekend, Eva was away at a friend's watching the Swedish Eurovision finalists and all of a sudden in the midst of our conversation Nuno came out with a well worthy thought on life, which I would like to share with you.
"You can treat friends as family, but it is much harder to treat family as friends." cool, he was on a roll and not long after he came out with another one-
"Life is simple, the world complicates it."
Respect my friend, you are truly an honest man X

Friday, March 13, 2015

Advice and knowledge can come from anywhere- do not expect it, just embrace it!

I have had three important pieces of advice in my life, according to me, of course.
The first was when I was working in a ski station, washing dishes 18 hours a day at times and feeling so so tired- there was an end objective, so it was always worth it, but God, it was difficult. One day the owner's son came to me and said " Gerry, if you want to make it through the season, you have to wake up and start every day as if it was your first." I did. The tiredness from the day before was gone the minute I hit the pillow- it has helped me overcome tough times ever since then.
The second piece of advice was when a friend of mine aged 80 told me that "We all grow old together." she does not even know how much she changed my outlook, and helped took some years, but I finally understood her and take comfort in her words because it is true-we r not alone! thank you Arny!
My third came tonight with a class of 16 year old students, the best most inspiring energetic bunch of kids in our school- all the teachers are jealous of whoever gets this class lol, they have been with us for years and must have wonderful parents for them to all be so so nice. Anyway, they had all seen Still Alice and wanted to tell me about it..In the end I had to say how I believed it was the worst thing that could ever happen, imagine after everything, your love and friendship is erased-life was pointless. Then a sixteen year old girl said very casually- but Gerry, it is what happens in the Now!
In my 48 years on this planet, these are the 3 pieces of advice that have stuck- it comes from nowhere and anywhere- I do love u God, but I hate having to understand everything, it is much easier to be angry.X
Thank you Jo, my latest mentor of 16yrs old  lol.

this was taken by a friend who slept in the forests for days, just to catch a glimpse X