Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Man Who Never Was- Essays on Fernando Pessoa

As I travel through my Fernando Pessoa journey I become more and more intrigued. He is timeless, spaceless and indefinable, although of course everyone is trying to define him. Why is it that people who love poetry and the arts in many forms always feel the need to label it and slot it somewhere? So that they can feel better about what they think they know?
It is an interesting book, but for me it was more about helping me understand the Portuguese versions translated hopefully well into English. It has helped me make sense of a lot of things I thought I had read, but perhaps hadn't.
Ode Maritima- Is a wistful longing for childhhood, which develops into an acceptance that it is the past- I do not agree it is lost because memories keep everything alive.

Quem somos? Uma verdade - é só isso que eu sei.

What are we? A truth- that is all I know.

(Gerry Aldridge)