Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Poetry and Humanity

Poetry comes from a sense of caring about something so much you need to write about it, try to define and convey your passion for it. Truer would be to say it is emotion that is exploding from every orifice, including skin pores. Poetry says everything a vast majority of people are both afraid to hear and say-but feel almost everyday. If there were no trace of poetry on this planet, there would be less evidence, in fact vital evidence would be missing for the future generations to be reminded about what beautiful, deep,universally connected creatures we really are. Poetry is our connection to our trueselves, so easily lost along the way.
'You are an accumulation of what you do. Imagine if after everything you did, you were not the real you.'
(Gerry Aldridge ©2016)
Painting by Thomas Eakins