Friday, August 12, 2016


When I was first dropped
Upon the floor,
I was scared
But glad to be away from them all.
Now I feel safe
Being the last piece of the jigsaw
No one can find.
There is a comfort
In nobody knowing where I am.
Better that
Than the part that doesn't fit-
Anywhere, yet.
By the time I am found
It will be the end.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2016)

WIP-I actually wrote a poem about jigsaws and never used either the word jigsaw, or puzzle!!
I lie hidden,
Draped in a silence
Settling gently upon me.
Lighter than fairies' kisses
Softer than snow.
Lost on the edge of the floor.
A relief of sorts
To be excused from it all.
To be the piece nobody saw.
Or am I the piece
That did not fit,
Frustrated Gods
Cast me angrily to the floor?
Either way,
There are no more places
I can be put
Where I should not be.
I am a bit,
Lost now.
But I am almost free.
And I shall continue hiding
From those I do not want to be.
(Gerry Aldridge  ©2016)