Friday, October 21, 2016

Everything Is Worth It.

Everything Is Worth It.
My days would be
Empty without emotion.
No story to tell,
Nor rocks in my path.
Days would be
Empty.with no intervention.
A boat does not even drift
Without some motion.
On a lifeless ocean
We do not exist.
Nothing is made that way.
Everything has something to say.
'My True Love'
Moored safely,
Or at home in her prison
In my bay?
She tells herself she is in the right place,
Watching the ripples pass her by.
Then mind gets adventurous
And her eyes are convinced....
It is I,
That move to distant shores.
Mock small waves as they return
Time and time again and more.
Hence came a dillusional boat
Stuck fast in time.
I shall slip her mooring,
And make her mine.

Tell her,
"Darling, you were not moving."
(Gerry Aldridge 2016)