Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Pen

I am priviliged to have a contribution from a poet new to me called Cathy Miller- I hope you enjoy her poem.

The Pen
She has thoughts and feelings
that flow from the tip of her pen
to the core of our soul.
Awaking thoughts
we wish to

She cries out
feelings of
onto the
of her page.

The strength she shows by expression
will forever course through the beat of our hearts.
To ignore would
throw our world deeper apart.

Her knuckles white.
Tears of red
Her truth will be said.
Words that inspire the masses.

When everything fades,
words remain.
flowing into
the sea of humanity.

(Cathy Miller 10/10/2016)
Cathy J Miller (CJM) is a lover of words and a writer of prose. She spent many years teaching kids with learning disabilities how to read before shifting her focus on using her words to inspire adults to feel. She hails from Dallas, Texas where she makes words not only her full time work, but also her lifelong passion.