Friday, June 30, 2017

Sighs And Butterflies.

Sighs And Butterflies.
Sighs are but butterflies,
With no real purpose,
Or intention-
At least not enough
To mention.
Let the breeze blow,
It has nowhere real to go.
Just a thought,
A kind and soothing love,
Of sort.
We were in denial.
Sure of making love
And having fun.
Fight the rain,
Fly into the sun..
But truth became
A weapon.
In the end,
Acceptance won.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

My Butterfly Story.

My Butterfly Story.
A butterfly landed
On me one day.
She tickled me silly,
Made me tremble
In a good way.
She tried hard to listen
To all I couldn¨t say.
But in the end,
To save herself,
She had to fly away.
I forced myself
to pray for God
To take our love away.
And for this I shall be sad,
Til my dying day.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

If Only Tears Could Put Out Fires.

If Only Tears Could Put Out Fires.
Hail, brimstone, no rain, just fire!
Killing everything Godly
In our shire.
Fury, damnation, breath of a dragon
Taking root in our forests
Cleansing who in hell?
Damn you beast!
Cannot God At least,,
Step up to the plate
Extinguish hate?,
Just fair warning
As the doom is dawning.
A chance to flee,
Avoid the burning.
If only tears
Could put out fires.

10,350,000 souls
Shalt dampen your pyres.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

To Tell A Lie

To Tell A Lie

If you want to tell a lie,
Climb a mountain
Talk into the wind.
Let it snatch your words
Before the fool it finds.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

When will my head grow old?

When will my head grow old?
Maybe, by the age of fifty,
I should have calmed
Down a bit.
But that would be
The same as dying.
Wouldn't it?
-Gerry Aldridge

Friday, June 16, 2017

Takers have it good-
They gain your trust
And feed on your love,
Then distance themselves
From the pain
They have caused,
Knowing full well
You´d do none of the above.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

Givers have it good-
In you they trust,
And eminate love.
They cuddle and
Bask in honesty.
Knowing full well,
You may never do
Any of the above.
(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)